6 Reasons for Adopting a Vegan Diet

1. HELP ! WE CAN’T FEED THE WORLD. Too much land is taken up by growing food to feed animals so we can eat them. If we cut out the animals, and grew food just for us to eat direct, we could start to ensure all the world could get fed.

OK, I know not everyone wants to eat a plant-based diet, and there will always be a large number of people who want to continue to eat meat and dairy. Agreed. We can see from smokers who continue to smoke even in the face of overwhelming evidence that smoking kills you, that some people will fly in the face of logic. There was even a brand of cigarette in the nineties called Death, with a white skull and crossbones on a black packet and a strapline of “these will kill you”. Sales went well and only a lawsuit by a drinks company selling “Black Death” eventually forced it to “kill the brand” in 1999. The good news is that more and more younger people, the ones who think, are working out that a meat and dairy based diet is not what they want for themselves or their own children. Hope lives on.
2. Greenhouse gases are still an issue and will continue to be so. We are not tackling the problem with the urgency it needs. 25% of¬†GLOBAL EMISSIONS come from the Animals we process for our food. 2050 will not be a good time for Planet Earth at the rate we are progressing. It looks a long way off, but it isn’t in real terms. I won’t be here, but my children will be, and my grandchildren will be. We’re not leaving them a good legacy, with an overcrowded, under-fed world suffering from global warming and pollution (among other things).
3. The SAVINGS ON HEALTHCARE would be enormous. You can eat a lot of fruit, veg, nuts and legumes and still fit in an armchair. Take the same quantity of burgers, chicken, pizza and chips and over a period of time you begin to struggle to fit on the couch. All the money spent on caring for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer sufferers could be drastically reduced with an injection of plant based diets and exercise programs on folk of all ages. Ok. I hear you. It won’t happen overnight. But it would make serious inroads into the problems.

Vegan Diet reduces health costs

A Vegan Diet could reduce Health costs

The first three reasons were the sensible ones. Now for the better ones. So at:-


4. We have the stunning fact that A VEGAN DIET TASTES GOOD ! Once the mind has got to grips with the real positives, and realised that the digestive system is working better without all the fats and sugar overload, it won’t want to go back to the fast food regime.

5. Once you move away from the fast food outlets, a change begins to take place in your general outlook on eating. THE BRAIN STARTS TO KICK IN AND DEVELOP ITS OWN DIET PLAN. A carvery tastes just as nice without the meat. (Just have an extra sweet potato or an extra spoonful of carrots). Take coffee black, go for green tea instead of milky black tea, almond milk on wholegrain cereal. Try bananas and nuts for snacks, smoothies for refreshment, apples, oranges and grapes for between meals. Soups and stews can be put together quickly. Your body starts to tell you what it needs and when.
6. And Finally, you will be doing your bit to STOP CRUELTY TO FARM FACTORY ANIMALS. It will take time to put an end to the barbaric practices that prevail today. But the day will come. Sooner rather than later I hope. I heard a comment from someone that questioned whether cows and pigs and chickens would become extinct if we didn’t breed them for food. ¬†Perhaps you could stretch your imagination for a moment and imagine you were a chicken about to be born. Your life will be lived entirely in an overcrowded shed. You will be filled with chemicals to promote growth and egg laying. When you can no longer lay eggs, you are fattened up a bit more in a cage with 23 more chickens. At the appropriate time, you are scalded alive in an attempt to rid your body of the toxins and bacteria that is on it, then suspended by your (probably broken) legs and sent on a conveyor belt to have your throat cut. As that chicken, if you had the choice, would you really want to be born ?
So ask yourself today – Do I need to re-think my eating habits ?
I welcome your comments

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  1. I eat a little chicken and fish occasionally. Actually less fish since Fukushima started pouring her waste into the pacific. (i live in California). I find especially in winter months I need a bit of animal protein. But I’m in total agreement with all of 6 reasons why a plant based diet are better for the body and the planet. Thanks for the good post.

    • Thanks Jackie, while some Vegans are very specific about their life values, I feel that thinking people should be clear in their own minds as to what their body needs, and should not feel guilty about stepping over lines when they need to. If you eat a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh produce in it, and feel you need the animal protein from time to time, go for it. Thanks for stopping by. Regards, Chris

  2. Hi there. I love eating vegan! I’m not very good at it so I don’t eat vegan all the time but I do enjoy it. Silk almond milk is my favorite milk substitute. The neat thing about going vegan is that the carbs we are eating are the good complex carbs. Do you have any advice for quick and easy snacks for someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time to prep?

    • Hi Amanda, I certainly agree with your feelings about the complex carbs. I suspect that like me you are always balancing time, and food preparation is a problem. I have worked out a few quick and easy hot dish menus, and I will be starting posting these this week. Watch this space. Regards, Chris

  3. A lot of the things you mention do ring true with what is happening around the world. As you mentioned, there will always be people that will keep eating meat and others that will adopt the vegan lifestyle.

    I find that even the plant-based foods we eat are also being messed around with on how they are grown with chemicals and modifications. I’m not sure how things are going to turn out.

    What do you think about the one-foot garden and hydroponics for individuals to get involved with for taking matters into their hands?

    • Hi Travis, I think the one-foot garden, hydroponics and aquaponics are brilliant ideas. Using these strategies you are assured of 100% organic food, because you grew it !

      I share your concerns that even the so-called “organic” food is sometimes tampered with. We can only trust and hope for the best, but the more we can grow ourselves or buy locally, the better our contribution towards our own welfare. Thanks for your comments. Regards, Chris

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