About Project Vegan for Life

PROJECT VEGAN for Life is an initiative to show you the possibilities that can come from following a more plant based diet.


My name is Chris and I have been changing my eating and exercise habits for the past 2 or 3 years to try and achieve a better balanced lifestyle and improved general health.

Boy, it can be tough ! Those pie, chips and fry-up aromas smell so good, although in reality this type of food causes your body all sortsĀ of problems.

But you know what ? Once you move away (gradually) towards a “greener” diet, with fresh vegetables and fresh fruit forming a bigger part of your daily intake, those cravings for those fatty and greasy hi-carb meals soon diminish. Couple it with a suitable exercise plan to suit your body and time availability and, hey, you’re feeling great again !

I’ve shipped a stone in a year (12 to 11, thanks for asking) which is about right for my height (5ft 8), so I feel leaner and fitter without looking much different. I used to play football, tennis and run 10k’s, but those days are behind me now. However, there are still targets to aim for and goals to achieve. A healthy body and mind goes a long way to helping those targets and goals look a whole lot easier.

You can do it too. Ignore the people who will jest about salad sandwiches and nut roasts. They will laugh til it hurts. The hospitals are full of them.

So go through some of the pages on the Project Vegan site and read up on the theory.

If you want to discuss YOUR lifestyle and how Project Vegan might help you, feel free to email me at any time.

Best Wishes


Project Vegan