CHOLESTEROL – The Good, the Bad, and the Lies

There are a lot of misconceptions about Cholesterol. There is Good Cholesterol.  There is Bad Cholesterol. And there are a lot of misconceptions about it.

Yes, having a high level of “lipids” as the cholesterol substances are known, can cause health problems. While these high levels of cholesterol on their own don’t give you symptoms or pain, they can have a detrimental effect on the heart.

Lipids are necessary for the body to carry out its functions efficiently. Unfortunately once again our eating habits today are responsible for the production of “bad” cholesterol, which can build up in artery walls, leading to heart diseases such as

Heart Attacks

Lower Cholesterol

Lowering Cholesterol is not always the answer

Atherosclerosis (narrow arteries)

And Strokes

But just simply crying out “Lower Cholesterol” to everyone who has a higher than average reading, can be dangerous

The following is an extract from A “Good Life” report from Ray Collins, which I would like you to read:-

“Barely a day passes without some new scare story hitting the headlines about cholesterol and its potentially damaging effects on the body; however, the fact that this compound has real value to our health is often ignored.

Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that every day people who had been told that their cholesterol levels were normal are dying of heart attacks and strokes – and they never understood why.

How is it that the medical profession ignores the fact that high cholesterol isn’t a disease that is a cause of cardiovascular problems? Would it surprise you to know that 75 per cent of heart attack victims do not have high cholesterol levels?

So why is this naturally occurring compound made out to be the arch villain that condemns 198,000 Britons to a heart attack or stroke each year? The answer lies in the corporate greed of the multi-billion-pound cholesterol-lowering drugs industry, which has largely influenced the medical establishment’s all-too-common mantra, that when it comes to cholesterol lower, lower, lower is the key to heart health.

But not only is this not true, following this advice can be extremely harmful as cholesterol is in fact a vital component needed to keep you healthy and, more importantly, alive! This report highlights why following the strict diets and taking multiple medications may not be the safest thing you can do to try to prevent a catastrophic and life changing health event.

While there’s no denying that reducing high cholesterol is an important step towards maintaining a healthy heart it’s not quite as simple as that… and cholesterol isn’t the all-out bad guy it’s made out to be. More accurate predictions of cardiovascular health would be obtained if other factors were taken into account like levels of inflammatory chemicals (called C-Reactive Proteins or CRP), fibrinogen scores and other peptides that show damage to the heart and major vessels (called B-type natriuretic peptide or BNP). Maybe the mainstream hasn’t focused on these other known markers of heart disease because the pharmaceutical companies haven’t come up with a pill to treat them. The focus has been on lowering cholesterol because that’s what they’re selling – and they’re selling plenty. Statin drugs, the class of cholesterol-lowering drugs that includes Simvastatin and Atorvastatin, are some of the top sellers.

But more on this can of worms later. For now, let’s take a closer look at cholesterol and its role in your body……………”


If you would like to read the rest of Ray’s hard-hitting report, you will find it at


Note: Ray Collins is an independent health writer and self-confessed information junkie. Every week he trawls through new stories, medical trials and health books to pick out the very best natural remedies for a whole host of ailments. He then sends his thoughts and ideas in a free email called The Good Life Letter.

Plant based foods

Natural Foods to keep cholesterol levels in check

I hope you will check it out.

You owe it to yourself to get the real facts about cholesterol,

and how you need to keep it in check without the use of potentially damaging drugs.

A better answer is to eat natural foods, and give your body the opportunity to set its own correct cholesterol levels.

I would love to hear any observations or comments you might like to make. Leave a comment in the box below.

But let’s end this post on a high.

Another Winter Warmer, courtesy of Rebecca. I was going to say from sunny Greece, but last time I saw pictures of her area of Greece, the snow was several inches thick. Here is her Cannelloni, Greek style

Hello, Chris! I have a great recipe for cannelloni and I want to share it with you! I hope you like it.

Cannelloni with vegetables


One package cannelloni.

For the filling: 250 grams of fresh mushrooms, one onion, one ripe tomato, 1 cup of peas,  2 carrots diced, 2 zucchini diced, chopped dill, 1 teacup grated vegetable cheese, 1 tablespoon tomato paste, 1 / 2 cup olive oil.

For the sauce: 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 cups tomato juice 1 tablespoon sugar, one clove, two Bay leaves, salt, pepper and, grated vegetable cheese for dusting.

How we make it

Put in a saucepan the olive oil and saute carrots,  peas, and zucchini. Put in food processor tomato, mushrooms, and onion and after chopping add to the pan with the vegetables.

Allow to boil and evaporate the liquid and withdraw the saucepan from the heat to cool the filling. Pour the filling on the vegetable cheese, mix well and set aside until you fill the cannelloni.

In a smaller pan add the ingredients of the sauce and boil just 5 minutes. Add the spices and remove from fire.

Take the cannelloni,  fill them using a spoon with the filling and place them next to one another in a pyrex dish. Pour tomato sauce to cover the cannelloni and cover with a silver foil. Bake for 45 minutes, remove the foil and sprinkle with vegetable cheese.

Bake for another 10 minutes to melt the cheese and just make a crust.

Bon appetit!         Rebecca

Rebecca hosts a Tennis site https://tennis-for-all.com

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have both just been knocked out of the Australian Open in the early rounds. Take as look at Rebecca’s site for the latest news and opinion.

Best wishes




  1. Hi, thank you for this article, i enjoyed reading it very much. It opens my eyes about the type of good cholesterol too

    I have been diagnosed of having hypercholestrol problem. My cholesterol skyrocketed when I gain weight last year. Do you have any vegan diet plan or programs that could help lowering down my cholesterol level?


    • Hi there. Thanks for your comments. I think the key to cholesterol is the type of fats we eat. I now try to steer clear of all dairy and animal products and use only unsaturated fats like olive oil, sunflower and hemp. Nuts and seeds and avocados are all good. Coconut oil and palm oil are the only things to keep away from to keep the cholesterol count in balance. Any un-saturated fats are helpful. Oh, and exercise is good as well, as part of the overall plan. http://peta.org have a sample 2 week vegan diet plan that’s worth having a look at. Hope it might help. Regards, Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this insightful post. If I may ask, when you speak of natural foods, are you referring to organic foods? I used to think these two were somehow different, but my spouse argues they’re different.

    I eat of lot of nuts, and it seems I might be ingesting more fats than required, although I would think I was feeding my body natural foods and giving it the opportunity to set its own correct cholesterol levels.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi there. My take on natural foods is food that is grown, and not manufactured or has additives and preservatives contaminating it before we eat it. The people who grow organic have a more specialised process whereby they also make their produce without adding any chemicals to the soil, or chemicals to enhance the growing process. The more natural food (including organic) that we eat the better. Nuts are great in my view. Only natural fats and oils in them. A lot better for you than a chocolate bar ! Best wishes, Chris

  3. Finally, someone who doesn’t give the same old scare story about cholesterol. I have read in other places about how cholesterol, when it is high, is actually a sign that another part of your body isn’t doing it’s job properly. So cholesterol has to jump in and try to help your body mend and stay healthy.

    I am eternally frustrated with the information the pharmaceutical companies try to feed us.

    So, thank you for the report from Ray Collins and I will also try the recipe you gave at the end.

  4. Hello there,

    To be honest, when I hear cholesterol I get scared because I know that high levels of cholesterol can have really negative impact on the health.
    That is why I always try (when possible) to eat fresh foods and to exercise a lot.
    Thank you for the thorough description.

    • Thanks for your comment. There is good and bad cholesterol. A healthy diet will keep your body in balance. Best wishes, Chris

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