Coconut Oil – Superfood or Health Risk ?

So just how good is Coconut Oil for you. There are those who have been proclaiming the coconut a “superfood”.

But whenever you find a new Superfood that you are sure will transform your life, someone will always come along with a negative viewpoint.
Suddenly there was the humble coconut being hailed as a cure for many ills. A whole food in one package. An egg, only bigger. The “Plant of Life”.
For after all, don’t over a third of the world live on coconuts?
The Polynesians live long and happy lives, are fit and healthy into old age. And they eat coconuts until they are coming out of their ears.
And also, Isn’t coconut milk good for you?

A third of the planet eat coconuts

Remember that juicy sweet taste when you had finally drilled through the right hole after winning a coconut at the fair. Then breaking it open and stripping the white insides out. How good was that?
So bring on the coconuts and let’s have a party. And we won’t ever have to visit the doctors again.
But of course it doesn’t work like that.
The party stoppers will soon turn the music off.
Sorry boys and girls, but Coconut oil contains saturated fat. Lots of it. More saturated fat than butter. So if your arteries are clogged and your heart struggling, the last thing you need is large quantities of saturated fat (aka Coconut oil) down your throat. If your cholesterol levels are high, coconut oil won’t bring them down.
Cook at high temperatures with coconut oil, and it becomes unstable, and your food becomes, well, potentially toxic.
So that’s shot that one down in flames. Or has it.

Don’t let the negatives get you down. There is still a case in favour of Coconuts. They do have a lot of good things to give, when used sparingly. And used sparingly is possibly the key to its benefits.

The Coconut is high in Fiber
Filled with electrolytes
Loaded with trace minerals such as Manganese, Potassium and Phosphorous
Having properties that help our immune system.

A small amount of coconut oil per day can help you decrease your food consumption, boost metabolism and increase energy. It can stop any cravings for junk food, and protect the skin.

The better quality coconut oil the better. The more natural the better. The least processing the better.

If cooking at high temperatures, use alternative natural oils instead.

So don’t eat too many coconuts, assuming they are superfoods. But don’t dismiss the coconut as a shell filled with saturated fat that will give you a heart attack.

Coconuts have a wealth of nutrients

When used properly, the “Plant of Life” will serve you well.
Want to know more? For further information on how coconut oil can potentially transform your health and diet, and weight management,

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