Countertop Blender Reviews for a Vegan Diet

A key element in a good Vegan Diet is the ability to blend and process quickly and efficiently. Time is often in short supply in todays households, and a blender must be easy to use, quick, and also easy to clean ready for next time. Here we look at 3 Countertop style Blenders and how they would fit in on your kitchen worktop.

All are available from Amazon, and have links available for you to check out the full specifications.

We start with the MAGIC BULLET NUTRI BULLET, which is a 12 piece Blender/Mixer system.


A top-seller at reasonable price, the Nutri-Bullet is suitable for all fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein stocks.

The big motor can shred the toughest of vegetables, and it reduces all parts of the food to a pulp, including the skins and seeds which contain good nourishment.

Verdict: This is a lightweight blender with a big presence. It looks good, is quick to clean, and suitable for Vegan diets, and conscientious Mums who want to provide complete nourishment foods to small children

Available from Amazon.com at $78.

At less than half that price, the NINJA MASTER PREP doesn’t have as big a motor as the Nutri-Bullet, but the uniform cutting and crushing action is adequate for most fruits and vegetables, blending frozen fruitquickly and competently. Cleaning is not as quick, with the main coming apart, but all relevant pieces are dishwasher safe.


Available from Amazon.com at $34.88

The third Blender under scrutiny is the CUISINART CBB-55OSS, which is a heavyweight piece of kit with a big motor, running at 2 speeds. This blender will deal with all Fruits and Veg you throw at it, and the glass carafe has measured markings if you want to be accurate with ingredients. All parts dishwasher safe.


Available from Amazon.com at $104.62

All the three blenders have their strong points, but overall the Magic Bullet at $78 seems to hold the edge for value.




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