Crossroads by Tal Ronnen – Book Review


Tal Ronnen is a chef with a difference. He specialises in using plant-based ingredients, and cooking Mediterranean style.

With these recipes you are not just eating Vegan, you are eating well thought out dishes that excite the taste buds, and the good things is, they can be prepared by anyone. Imagine making your dinner parties and family get-togethers Los Angeles-style, with cutting-edge starters and mains,

All menus contain foods with no animal ingredients whatsoever, and are given rave reviews at Tal Ronnen’s Los Angeles restaurant.

There are salads, breads, soups, pastas and desserts all with clear and concise instructions.

For those people who have problems with the Vegan diet, on the grounds of lack of taste and lack of protein, Tal has the answers. He bases his menus on quality foods and spices that re-educate the taste buds

Check out the reviews of this book at Amazon.com, and maybe you will be tempted to buy a copy ! The hardback edition would make a perfect gift to the discerning hostess.


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