Improve your vision with a plant based diet

More and more people I know seem to be developing eyesight problems. While new glasses or contacts might go some way to solving some issues, the headaches and blurred vision tend sometimes to be on-going. Resolving these issues with prescription or over-the-counter drugs only gives temporary relief.

Today we look at how a plant-based diet could help your vision, no matter what your age or status.

Sometimes we take as given that as we get older, our vision deteriorates, no matter what. But in reality, it doesn’t have to be like that. There is one strategy readily available that could make a big difference – our diet.

Every generation has its own problems to face. Today we have attacks on our eyes that were never known in previous years. Mobile phones, computers, and laptops have transformed our lives.

Girl at computer

computer work – a big cause of eyesight problems

We stare at the screens for hours at a time, squinting and focusing usually with poor posture, and often in poor light. We take the phones to bed. We have big screen TVs and gaming consoles in bedrooms. It’s no wonder we suffer from poor vision, at any age.

Then there is pollution. Air quality is often poor, particularly in dense urban areas, with crowded roads and motorways. Air conditioning brings its own problems, usually drying out the eyes. Excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol also contribute towards dry eyes.

So how do we counteract these constant attacks on our vision? How do we fight back?

First fightback weapons are your VEGETABLES. Yes, the greens. A good start. The greens contain many nutrients vital to your delicate eyesight. Remember Five A Day? Why stop there? Try eight a day. Spinach, Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli, Peas – as many as you can add to your regular meals, plus smoothies if you have time to make them. And don’t forget the carrots. An extra portion of beta-carotene will do no harm at all.

Next up comes DARK FRUIT. All fruit is good, but Blueberries, Blackcurrants, and Plums have some extra nutrients especially needed for good vision. Cherries too, when in season, have plenty of good things for your eyesight.

The eyes are marvelous pieces of equipment. They are also very delicate. You owe it to yourself to help them work for you with maximum efficiency. To do that they need WATER. So drink plenty of water every day. Your body will tell you how much. Balance your caffeine and alcohol intake by drinking water regularly. First thing in the morning reach for a 500ml bottle of water rather than the coffee machine. That’s a great start to the day. Oh – and QUIT SMOKING if you haven’t already done so. There is a definite link between macular degeneration and smoking.

Another bonus for the eyes is making sure you have a good WALK each day. Irrespective of whether you follow any alternative exercise programmes, walking is a great benefit for your eyes, assuming you can find an area free from pollution. Increased circulation, vitamin D (from sunshine if you find any) and constant change of surroundings, all good.

As a Vegan website, there is obviously a focus here on not eating animal products. However, as has been discussed on other pages of this site, it is a hard transition from sometimes a lifetime of meat eating to following a plant based diet. As an overall strategy, if you could CUT DOWN ON MEAT PRODUCTS, you will reduce “acid” in your system, and probably a good few toxins. A policy decision to AVOID JUNK FOOD would also be of benefit.

So there you have it. You won’t improve your vision overnight. But you might just relieve your blurred vision a bit, and help avoid the onset of macular degeneration. You should not be getting the headaches related to eyesight problems, but that will also depend on avoiding the bad habits connected with the late night use of computers, mobile phones, and TVs. And quitting smoking.

If you would like to see some more information about how eye exercises could improve your vision, click here

Here’s to your good eyesight.

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Best Wishes, Chris


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