Jamie Oliver and Jermain Defoe – Two key players

So what connects Jamie Oliver and Jermain Defoe?
One is a restauranteur, chef, and writer. The other is a professional footballer.
The answer is a deep interest in nutrition. Not just food, but what food is good for you and what is bad. What helps your body operate to its best, and what contributes towards illness and disease.
For Jamie Oliver it is an interest that has transported him towards a career where he is seen as a peoples champion, guiding his followers towards better eating plans, attempting to transform school dinners from dull to healthy.

Healthy Eating for school children

For Jermain Defoe, it is part of the overall fitness plan that has helped him enjoy a successful career at the top level of English football for 17 years, and seeing him still part of the England international team at the age of 34.

Jamie Oliver first sprang to fame in 1999 with the TV series, the Naked Chef. His 2005 campaign called “Feed Me Better” was aimed at parents, teachers, and carers, suggesting they helped to persuade children to eat more nutritionally healthy meals, and cut out the poor quality junk food, sweets and fizzy drinks they were being raised on. Although it had its critics, there is no doubt that overall it was a big success. The Government began to embrace several of the initiatives put forward, and it led to an overhaul of the school meal system, offering alternative healthy options to existing traditional meal plans.
While not wishing to be labeled “Vegan” Jamie Oliver does follow many of the Vegan theories, notably promoting more plant-based foods in the daily diet.
As for Jermain Defoe, he follows a strict diet that assists him in his quest to play for England in the 2018 World Cup. While many players are losing their fitness edge in their mid-thirties, Defoe feels his positive diet, combined with yoga and pilates techniques, are helping him to retain that sharpness that has marked his career in the Premier League.
He made his first-team debut for West Ham United in 2000 and has since played for Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, Sunderland and now Bournemouth. He has scored over 100 Premier League goals and made over 50 international appearances for England.
He does not drink alcohol or eat sweets or chocolate. His diet will include such items as spinach, kale and nettle smoothies, grilled salmon and steamed vegetables, with green tea or water as his main drink.
Look out for him as England seek that elusive second World Cup success.

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