Jim Lustig and Rich Roll. Case studies of Vegan lifestyles

Today we look at two men who have transformed their lives with a Vegan diet.

Jim Lustig

Jim Lustig lives in Seattle and was born the son of a butcher. Naturally, his eating was centered around meat and he grew up strong and healthy. He became a successful businessman with his own catering company. But potential disaster struck in 2004 when he suffered a crippling heart attack that prompted the need for a triple bypass operation.

During his recovery, Jim was advised to reduce his running, but instead of that he changed his eating habits, and his business strategy, and kept his running regime where it was.

Harbour Creek Farm

Harbour Creek Farms produce only plant-based food

He found it difficult to locate the types of meat-free foods he needed to eat and began to look further afield. With his partner Don Platt, he founded Harbor Creek Farms, and this formed the backbone of his new empire. Everything Vegan and Vegetarian. His networking skills led him not only to find the types of food he required but also opened up new business opportunities for his catering business.

Now “The Upper Crust” is a well-established upmarket operation offering gourmet frozen Vegan products to a hungry clientele in Seattle, Washington, and surrounding areas.

2017, and Mr Lustig is 14 years on from his heart attack and operation, and still running his 10-20 miles per day. Business is booming…and all on a plant-based diet.

Who needs meat anyway?

See also http://www.harborcreekfarms.com


Rich Roll

For our second Vegan role model, we travel down to Los Angeles and take a look at Rich Roll, quoted by Men’s Fitness as being one of the Worlds top 25 fittest men.

Rich Roll

Rich Roll

Rich’s career has taken several twists. Educated at Stanford University and Cornell Law School, he took on a corporate lifestyle and fell into bad ways with drug and alcohol dependencies threatening to cut short his life. He was in rehab at age 31, but it wasn’t until his 40th birthday when he was feeling burned out and not at all in good health, that he set about transforming his life. He started with a diet change and a serious training program that began to re-shape his body and his life.

He burst onto the triathlon scene with a strong finish in the Ultraman event in Hawaii in 2008, and just kept on going. Now to get things in perspective, he was 40, not in good shape and with a poor diet. He changed this around and started a whole food vegan diet and trained first for modest events, then for an Ultramarathon, which is a 2.4-mile swim, an 112-mile bike ride, followed by a 26.2-mile marathon run. Certainly not for the faint hearted. When he couldn’t get in his desired event, he chose instead to compete in the Ultraman, which is a three-day event with double the distances in the Hawaiian heat.

With a 2-year plant-based diet and only 6 months real training behind him, he finished 11th overall (and bettered that the following year)

His most famous event has been the grueling five-day Epic5 challenge also held in Hawaii. This comprises the swims, bike rides and marathons held in different island locations over consecutive days.

His first book was Finding Ultra in 2012 in which he explains the theory and practice behind his huge transformation.

And his latest offering is The Plantpower way, a recipe book designed for everyone, not just athletes

You can read his full story on his website http://richroll.com.

These two people are living proof that meat and dairy are not required items in a healthy diet. Check them out. Your comments are welcome.

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  1. Hi, Chris! These are really very motivational stories! Both of them have something in common and that is the change of our mindset! Yes, we are what we eat and we have to be careful but we also have to think about our healthy self and help it “grow”! I mean that we do not have to be vegan for life but we can choose to be vegan for one or two weeks every two or three months and see something different! I was fasting the last 2 months because I was waiting for Easter’s Holly Communion or Eucharist (I am not sure if I write it right) and it was awesome! Yes it is healthy to live without eating meat and dairy and it worths to give it a try!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you for your comments Rebecca. I am impressed that you fasted for Easter. Sounds like it was a good experience. Best Wishes, Chris

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