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The path to a Vegan lifestyle is not an easy one. There are many social and economic obstacles to overcome. Some people adopt a plant-based diet on Animal Cruelty issues. Others for purely dietary or health reasons.

Here are a few resources to look at which may help the transition towards a healthier lifestyle, no matter what your reasons for needing one.

You don’t have to commit to a complete plant-based diet all at once. Thinking about what you are consuming is the first important step. Perfection comes later.

So check out the items on this page. All are personally assessed and recommended.


It doesn’t have to. Take a look at how a change of diet and a series of EYE EXERCISES cured one man’s vision problems, and how it could do the same for you too. Click here for the info.


How and when you eat your carbs could make a big difference to your wellbeing and your weight control. The Half Day Diet is suitable for all ages, and body types. Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian or a meat and dairy eater, this could work for you. Check it out here


Many fats can damage any diet you take up. Coconut Oil sometimes receives bad press as a “harmful” supposed superfood. But it’s worth checking out the full facts. There’s more to coconuts than meets the eye. In fact, a big proportion of the world population rely on coconuts and coconut oil, and a lot of them are fit and healthy.

Read up on how Coconuts can be a part of your healthy diet. Please Click here

This takes you to my recent post. When you have finished reading it, look for the link at the end to take you to another site where you can get even more information about the great benefits of coconuts.

BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE – for Pleasure or Profit

Part of my enjoyment of this website is the fact that….(drum roll)…..I built it.
Yes, me. OK, with a little help from some “friends”. I took a free trial with a company, and only when I was satisfied that I could do it, and my website was up and running, did I invest any money. And even then it cost a fraction of what a web designer would charge.
So if I could, you can. Check out how to do it here. Whether you want your own website for pleasure or profit,  you can do it. Find out how here

More resources added here in the near future. Please stop by again soon and check our pages out.

Best wishes