Reasons for becoming Vegan and a new slant on Avocado

In my last post, I highlighted the advantages of a semi-Vegetarian lifestyle.

Being a Flexitarian has the advantage of being able to follow a plant-based diet, but eating meat and dairy once or twice a month. This may be for nutritional reasons or psychological reasons. Or maybe just an event or social gathering where you just don’t want to stick your neck out and shout “I’m Vegan”.

There is still a lot of prejudice about Vegans and Vegetarians. Animal cruelty campaigners outside Macdonalds and KFC sometimes send out the wrong message, and actually alienate people who pass by or are customers. Slightly odd looking folk waving placards and shouting can sometimes be counter productive to a cause.

Also, many of the earlier Vegan disciples advocating eating large quantities of lettuce, strange looking food combinations, or drinks that looked like witches brews, were hardly likely to gain new converts easily when tradition suggested meat and two veg followed by pie and cream as a standard mealtime offering.

Since then life has moved on. Meat now usually comes in a bun with “fresh air” fries and a sugar-laden drink, and skip the dessert.

More and more processed and convenience food is eaten, laden with additives, sugar and harmful fats. But the thing is, they taste so good. Minimum preparation, maximum enjoyment.

Fresh food

Fresh Food takes time to buy, store and prepare

Why even entertain for one minute a plant-based diet. All that extra shopping, preparation of fresh stuff, protein deficiency………

Just not worth it.

That is until you consider the effects our greed is having on the planet, and in particular, the cruelty inflicted on animals to produce all this meat and dairy that we consume so readily.

And no, I don’t mean that animals have to be killed to produce the meat. I mean the conditions the animals are kept in, the stripping of new calves and piglets from their mothers at birth, and the countless other callous and heartless ways animals are treated.

But enough of me talking. Look at some facts for yourself.

Go to http://www.peta.org/features/dairy-industry-cruelty and take a look for yourself.

Spend five minutes on the site, ten minutes or fifteen if you can spare the time. Start with dairy and then move around the site and see the harm we do to animals on a daily basis all over the world

So becoming a Flexitarian might be a good start in a transition from a meat and dairy diet to a plant-based one. But let’s not forget the fundamental reason of animal cruelty for pulling away from eating animal, or anything derived from an animal.


A new take on Avocado.


More antioxidants in avocado pit than in fruit

There is nothing better than the taste of a nice, smooth avocado. You slice it carefully, scrape out the insides and then…..you put the outer skin and the stone in the compost.

How many people actually keep the stone and eat it? Not many probably.

There is a school of thought, however, that suggests the Avocado stone, or pit, contains more nutriment than the actual avocado itself. Stands to reason, I suppose, that the inside of the pit contains plenty of good things to start off the new plant if it finds its way into the right growing conditions.


Best way to release these good things would seem to be by baking the pit in the oven. Not too hot to damage it, but just hot enough, and for long enough, to dry out any retained moisture. Then peel off the dried out outer skin, and you are left with an inner piece that can be ground up in a grinder.

Add to shakes and salads for maximum benefit.

Up to seventy percent of the fruit’s antioxidants are in the pit, giving you boosts to your immunity system as well as assistance with lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

Not a bad return for something you would normally throw in a bin.


As always, would love to receive any comments on the above topics. Look forward to hearing from you.

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