Turmeric and Ginger – For Good Health and Healing

Of all the many spices and herbs that we can use for our health, none are more beneficial than Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric is the main spice in curry. It contains the powerful healing compound which we know as Curcumin. It has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years.


Turmeric – An Asian Root Vegetable

Yet western medicine prefers to rely on expensive manufactured drugs to treat many ailments we suffer from today, instead of relying on the tried and trusted Turmeric.

The drug brand names we know so well, like  prozac, ibuprofen and metformin are all put together by the big pharmaceutical companies who put theses items on sale at enormous cost.

Chemotherapy is a smoke and mirrors form of treatment which only has a small percentage success rate, certainly in comparison with the amount it costs the taxpayer.

Anti-Inflammatory arthritis drugs, cholesterol drugs and steroids are all chemical solutions to physical problems, many of which could be cured by natural methods. Going a step further, the chemical solutions only seek to treat the symptoms, often with side effects. Natural herbs and spices are in fact capable of reversing some of these crippling diseases.

So why isn’t Turmeric more widely used ?

It looks like the answer is mainstream doctors just don’t prescribe it. They prefer to go down the route of the drug companies. I don’t know why.

You can find Turmeric in all the Health Food shops, and also Curcumin extracts.

The list of benefits of Turmeric are impressive. I know of people regularly adding a couple of spoonfuls of Turmeric powder to their soups and stews. They claim their heart condition, brain power, and general well-being are a direct result of their Turmeric intake, an opinion backed up by many Indian nutritionists. They claim the powder is vital in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other debilitating conditions.

Try Curcumin for yourself

I would recommend a  curcumin tablet which also contains piperine, a substance found in black pepper. It is felt that the Curcumin does not automatically get absorbed by the body unless piperine is present. Too deep for me, but the tablets have been successfully trialed as an anti-inflammatory remedy so it has my seal of approval.

A bottle of 120 tablets are available from Amazon for around the £16 mark. Delivery depends on your location.

This link takes you to UK Amazon.

Try a bottle. Three tablets a day gives you a 40 day trial, plenty of time to see if your inflammatory or other issues shows signs of relief. Should you buy and try, please let me know the results. I would be very interested in your report.

To try some Turmeric recipes, go to




A relative of Turmeric is GINGER.

This herb is a more gentle herb, but don’t be misled.


Ginger – noted for its healing qualities

Ginger has a lot of healing properties of its own.

One of Ginger’s best properties is as a cure for morning sickness and nausea.

Like Turmeric it is an Anti-Inflammatory remedy, particularly helpful in relieving pain in Osteoarthritis sufferers.

Other Ginger attributes include the ability to help lower blood sugar and aid indigestion problems

Add to that relief of heart disease ailments, lowering bad cholesterol, and helping prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, and you have a truly wonderful herb, which runs out a lot lower per hit than an expensive drug, which also comes with side effects.

Which would you prefer ?

You can buy your Ginger at any Health Food shop, or there are a number of Ginger products on sale on Amazon UK if you look around while you are buying your Curcumin tablets.

For some Vegan ginger recipes, try out:-


So there you have it. Two spices from the Asian continent that have been used successfully for thousands of years. They are readily available in the UK, and just waiting to solve a lot of our day to day ailments.

Any comments or observations – please put them in the box below, or email me at chris@projectveganforlife.com.

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  1. Thank you for writing this helpful article! I was actually about to make some ginger tea just now! I’ll add some turmeric to it as well. Turmeric changed the state of my health a few years ago. My ayurvedic doctor recommended it to me during a time when my immune system was weak and I was constantly catching colds. Using turmeric along with implementing lifestyle changes made a world of a difference. Reading your article helped me to remember to keep it up!

    • Hi Audrey. Thank you for your comment. It seems almost a secret that spices can do so much for our good health. The professionals just don’t recommend them at all, and continue to prescribe drugs instead. Enjoy your Ginger Tea. Regards, Chris

  2. Great post! I totally agree about doctors going the drug route. I feel there are so many other natural options out there that we never try as we so used to just taking a pill, or 5. I gave my hubby turmeric for his inflamed back, and with a bit of chiropractic work it did wonders! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Abrielle. Glad to hear the Turmeric worked. Can’t understand why doctors (particularly Eastern ones) don’t recommend it. They seem just too happy to dish out the pills, that don’t work all that well, anyway. Regards, Chris

  3. Hi, liked your article it was really interesting. I actually love to put a bit of ginger in my juices, not to much though as it can be very hot and spicy. And I like to also put turmeric in my stir fry’s with curry powder as well, gives it that much more flavour. I did not no you could get these in tablet form so im going to check this out for myself and give it a go. Thanks again Jo

    • Thanks for your comments Jo. The tablets are just an easy way of making sure you get regular doses of curcumin. It works for me. Regards, Chris

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