VEGANUARY – Make a Positive Start to the New Year



How to look at revising your eating habits by eating more fresh, plant based foods, and less animal, dairy, processed and junk.

It’s new year’s resolution time. Yes, we’re all going to achieve our goals, and be better people this year

Well, here’s another resolution you might want to try out. VEGANUARY. The month when you look at your waistline after the Christmas excesses, and determine to make a fresh start.

Carrots & Greens

A healthy Plant-based diet to start the New Year

Becoming a Vegan (or Vegetarian) sounds hard, but it needn’t be. Sometimes the words strike fear in people’s hearts. They think longingly of beefburgers and chicken wings and eggs and donuts and ice cream and cheeseboards and……….all the things, in fact, that will probably make their lives difficult in years to come. Try Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, and of course, Obesity.

Go to http://veganuary.com to find out more. You will get a ton of information, a starter kit and a Free celebrity Cookbook to download (and very good it is too)

In the cookbook you will find favourite plant-based meals from a host of film stars, singers and actors. Find out what Beyonce makes on her day off, what Madonna like to put together, and what Pamela Anderson drools over.

By joining Veganuary, and starting to follow a plant-based eating plan, you will be following a healthier diet, and also helping to save the planet.

Way too many resources are utilised in growing feed for animals to try and satisfy our insatiable desire for meat.

The animals themselves produce a frightening amount of waste products to clog up our rivers and atmosphere. Meanwhile the trees in the forests that help stabilise the atmosphere are being cut down relentlessly to clear more land to grow grain. This grain feeds the animals that we ultimately slaughter for food.


Clearing forests for grain production damages the world’s eco systems

Do you see where this is all going ?


If that doesn’t get you, consider the animals themselves. No longer do a few cows and pigs go to market to feed communities. Now they are reared industrially by the tens of thousands, in appalling conditions, and slaughtered cruelly in meat packing warehouses. Chickens fare just as badly, if not worse. If you want some further details on animal cruelty in the food industry, go to http://peta.org/?s=cows for starters.

Young cattle

Young cattle will have a short pain-filled life before early slaughter

When the Indian tribes roamed the plains of North America, they revered the buffalo. While they killed and ate the buffalo, they also used his skin and fur and bones. They ensured the buffalo weren’t relentlessly hunted or exploited. The lives of the native Indians and the buffalo were linked.

Now we have exploited the animals we use for food today. The people in the food trade who exploit them, give them no respect. The rest of us turn away and ignore what is happening. It happens worldwide with many animals, many of them docile and trusting.

This is a public service post highlighting the need for people to seriously look at their nutritional intake, and where it comes from.

The world’s population is increasing, and the average body mass index of people, particularly in certain countries, is increasing day on day. There will come a time when the earth will have difficulty rotating with all the extra weight it is carrying. Action needs to be taken now.

I hope you will take a look at VEGANUARY. Even if you just cut out some of the most life-threatening foods, and stick in a few greens, fruits and nuts into your diet, you will be taking a positive step. The Vegan police won’t come round if you eat an egg sandwich now and again, or a pork pie. Just give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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Best Wishes and a Happy New Year




  1. Happy new year, Chris! What a motovational post! We are what we eat, people say and they are right! But are we okay with this? I find myself lucky since I was born in Greece, where people still plant vegetables and cook roots and make great vegan soups! I eat meat but I am trying to reduce it to once a mont! I am lucky enough to live next door to a fisherman so I have fresh fish from time to time too! But other people are not so lucky! We have to be aware of what we eat because we do not eat alone! We eat with our children and we have to teach them what is good for them! Veganuary it is! I am about to cook beans on the oven with carrots and celery and I have beets for salad! Yummy!
    Best wishes,

    • Best New Year Wishes, Rebecca, thank you for your positive comments. I think teaching children good eating habits is very important. Things aren’t going well here in Uk with a lot of obese children eating the wrong foods unsupervised. Your diet sounds good. Happy Veganuary. Regards, Chris

  2. I have recently wanted to quit eating dairy, but it is really difficult. I love cream sauces, cheese and yogurt. I am a dairy lover! I recently made a cashew sauce as a dairy free cream sauce and it was delicious! Cashews really make a great alternative to dairy.

    My hope for the world is that we can get back to small scale agriculture and raising animals with respect. In order for that to work, people would have to eat less meat. We don’t need to eat meat 3 times a day, every day.

    • Don’t think meat production will decrease until big changes in people’s thinking. I have found I can eat substitutes for all dairy products. Cashews Almonds Coconut are all used for dairy-alternative items – even cheese. Hope you give them a try. Regards, Chri

  3. So pleased to have stumbled onto your post on veganuary. It’s been a real eye opener. Especially like the ability to search for vegan friendly places to eat. Many tricks and tips on healthier food options that are so simple yet we don’t make the effort because we are brainwashed into consumerism.

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