Why Vegan

In 1800 the worlds population was estimated at about 1 billion.

Today it is in the region of 7.5 billion and growing at a rate of 1% per year. It is getting harder to feed the world.

Should we be bothered ? As individuals we can do little to halt the growing population, or stop the destruction of the rainforests, the pollution of the seas and rivers, and the loss of wildlife (it is estimated that 50% of the worlds wild animals has been lost in the last 50 years).

What we can do is make a stand, in our own way, and in our own life, to slow things down.

It takes in the region of 7kg of grain plus 15,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of beef. So why don’t we just eat the grain and ditch the beef ? Is beef really that good for us ? Well maybe it was at one time, but now the dynamics have changed. If you pump the cow up with hormones and chemicals, then the cow gets fatter. If you restrict her movements, she gets fatter still. By the time she gets to the slaughter yard, she is twice the size she should be, so more meat to go round, right ?

Right, but is the meat now the same quality as it was when the cow roamed the field happily munching the grass ? Where do all the hormones and chemicals go ?

Are the mass produced chickens and turkeys producing the same quality of meat as those fowl that were free to roam the farmyard, clucking cheerily ? No happy noises come from crowded chicken sheds, only noises of fear and hysteria.

A diet of Meat and Dairy with low quality Carbohydrates is the reason many people stagger around, grossly overweight. Heart Attack and Stroke sufferer numbers rise steadily, alongside Cancer and Diabetes numbers. Fortunes are spent on cures and treatment.

Yet a change to plant based diets would reduce obesity, and as a consequence would improve the lifestyle of many people. This in turn would cut the cost of medical bills. Only the drug companies would suffer, and I for one wouldn’t cry for them.

Research the facts, and make YOUR choice.

Will you join me in this project ?


  1. This article is short and to the point, but it hits on the right reasons why it is important to either go full vegan, or at least have a lot of veganism in your life style. Animal proteins and byproducts are whats killing us and causing cancer. These big food corporations who don’t give a damn about our lives pump all sorts of chemicals and preservatives to make the food last and taste better. Not good

    • Agreed Will. If more people took a stand, the food corporations would have to alter their stance on cruelty. But too many people just want cheap meat.

  2. Hey Chris. I think you are right in what you are saying.I was a vegetarian once, but switched to vegan a few years ago. I think both are there right ways, but I do everything to the max. I want to ask you what changed your mind about the way you eat? I read in your about me page that you switched a few years ago. For me it was the thought of animals suffering because of me. I felt guilty. Thank you for your reply.

    • Hi Nikola, the animal cruelty issue does weigh heavy with me, but I also needed to lose between half a stone and a stone. Cutting out dairy was a big factor in this, which suggested that there was a lot of fat I didn’t need in animal products. Overall it is far healthier, and I am not missing it.

  3. Great Info in this article you wrote! Knowing that the world population is growing it is a good idea to keep our thought process open! I never thought about the way cows are bred to make “more meat” it sounds like you have a lot of knowledge on this. I don’t want such a fatty cow. I bet it was better back in the day when they were bred naturally and not for “more meat” (fat) Great article you got. Glad I stumbled upon it.

    • Thanks Kenny. I think many people would change their approach if they knew the suffering the animals went thro

  4. I must admit I had never considered the food options you’d be able to have being vegan, I just thought a plant based diet seemed really planned but there’s clearly loads of options available here.
    One of my business associates in my Karatbars business is a Vegan along with his wife, actually he’s Head of one of the Societies and I’ve always wondered how he manages it, but I now have a better understanding of it.
    I also recently learned that the Boxer David Hay is a Vegan so it clearly proves to be healthy if an athlete like him is on it

    • Hi Dave, It’s not as hard as you think. It’s just a change of mental approach. There are quite a few bodybuilders out there now on a Vegan diet, so it must work for them. Best wishes, Chris

  5. Hey, Chris,

    I like your article. And am FULLY vegan. 🙂 Will definitely support your project, go for it!

    However, in your arguments I lack some things. So, here are some of my ideas, and reasons why it’s good & necessary to be/become vegan:

    – Animals as such are here WITH us, not for us. Therefore ANY kind of their imprisonment is against natural course of life. That includes (in my world view) keeping animals in zoos, as pets, or in any other “imprisoning” way. So, let us all go back to the Garden of Eden! 🙂
    So, going vegan is therefore not only for reasons of stopping and preventing animal cruelty, but in general against unnatural way of treating and keeping animals.

    – Being vegan is definitely a healthy choice and lifestyle. I’m turning 40 this year, and being vegetarian for the last 15 years, and vegan for the last 3, is one of the reasons why I feel better and younger than ever. Add the regular practice of yoga to that and you have (almost) eternal youth. 😉 And – I’m never ill. Really. While I was eating meet (because my parents forced me to it) – I was constantly ill. What a change!

    – Humans are actually herbivores, which means that we are physiologically made in a way that it’s natural for us to eat…of course…plants. Evidence are many, some of them being the shape of our teeth (flattened), the movement of the jaw (circular), the lenght of bowels (very long)…

    I’m sure there can be found many more reasons of why to be a vegan, but here you go, Chris, I felt like expanding on your arguments a little bit.

    Thank you for your initiative, and let’s stay in touch!


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